Thursday, 14 July 2011

Natasha Nuñez

"WAVING the flag for female empowerment with her collaborative zine
teenVag, Natasha ‏Nuñez is a promising photographer based in New York, getting out there and doing it for herself on her own terms. Her work offers viewers an insightful look at feminine ideals and the female gaze, which is further authenticated because Nuñez‏, in reality, is just a young woman sharing her own perspective on the world as she navigates her way through it."

Ellinor Malgrem / CSM Graduate

SWEDISH-born Ellinor Malgrem has developed a series of silhouettes more akin to high-end fashion, opting for extravagant, deconstructed shapes - an element of her work the designer attributes to a father and grandfather who were both trained engineers and passionate about craftsmanship. Below are my favourite photographs from the series taken.

departing Charing Cross

This short film was shown at the opening of CSM's 2011 BA Press Show to commemorate the closure of the schools iconic Charing Cross Road site. Rumour has it there's a rave being planned to bid the old dear a proper farewell. Appropriately anarchic for a building that was the venue of The Sex Pistols first ever gig.