Sunday, 29 January 2012

3RD Floor Art Party // FISHEYE perspective

PHOTOGRAPHS taken with an Olympus E450 at the 3rd Floor Art Party at Byram Arcade, Huddersfield. A collaboration between 3 of Huddersfield's very own art collectives; Any Which Way, Rag N Bone Collective and Fresh Kids!
A rather long blog post. Even these images don't justify the success, hardship and creativeness of this event.
With a 40ft x 10ft art wall (to draw whatever you please on), DIY themed art projects, Zine machining, Visual Performance VJing software (projecting live visuals onto a 15ft x 15ft canvas sheet) and a live performance from The Shadow Orchestra (STEMS)  a musical collective, synthesising eastern and western music.. What more could we have asked for?
A truly great afternoon, so glad I decided to go.
Below, links to the creators and performers at this event.

Kano Kane @ Dais Boutique


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