Wednesday, 4 January 2012

DAIS Boutique

IMAGES I took, using a disposable, in my friend Kano's shop, Dais Boutique. Described as providing contemporary, independant fashion, this place is definitely going somewhere. From first entering the shop, there is a significant difference of look and feel to that of any other shop in Huddersfield, it's exactly the kind of place a town like Hudds needs.
Situated on the 2nd floor in Byram Arcade, a gem in itself. An exqusit Victorian Arcade, is the ideal location for a boutique of this standard.
Dais sets its heart in providing customers with up and coming/emerging designers labels and collections, one-off vintage pieces and shop owner, Kano's own brand, The Flow!
Check out his site and blog, to see for yourself just what Kano and Dais are all about. You will not be disappointed!

Dais are also on Twitter and Facebook

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